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We have issued Morrisons with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) in an effort to try and clean up the Sherwood Lodge site in Bolsover.

Since the company purchased the site back in 2014, it has fallen into disrepair and has been the subject of repeated acts of vandalism and fires.

A CPN warning was issued to the landowner (Optimisation Developments Ltd) on 7 February 2017 and since that date the company have not acknowledged the contents of the warning notice or tried to resolve the situation.

Council officers along with partners from the Police and Fire Service undertook an inspection of the site and none of the conditions documented within the warning have been met, apart from the erection of signs advising security is on site.

As a result, the Community Protection Notice has been issued to the landowner today, which gives them 28 days to complete the work detailed on the notice. If they fail to do this they will face prosecution by the Council’s Legal Department and a potential fine of up to £20,000.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Councillor John Ritchie said, “We have tried and tried to speak to the company to get them to resolve the situation, but they do not return our calls or reply to our emails and letters, so we had no hesitation in using our legal powers and issuing this notice.

“The site is an eyesore and dangerous. We’ve had vandalism and fires and it is now a magnet in attracting anti social behaviour, so something has to be done – and soon! We want the company to make it safe immediately and then put plans forward for it to be developed for the benefit of the town as soon as possible.”

Date issued: 23 March 2017

A household telephone shopping survey will commence on Monday 27 March undertaken by NEMS Market Research. NEMS will be telephoning residents of Barlborough and Clowne to ask questions them about their shopping and leisure habits. 

NEMS only require 70 responses so the survey calls will end as soon as those responses are received.

The purpose of the survey is to inform a Retail and Town Centres Study being undertaken by consultants, Nexus, on behalf of Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Council's. The Study will form an important part of the evidence base for each Council’s Local Plan.

If you require further advice or need to pass calls on please direct them to a member of the Planning Policy Team on 01246 242294/242290/242286/242292).

Date issued: 23 March 2017

A Shirebrook woman who continually burnt waste at her home has been ordered to pay £210 by Magistrates.

Chesterfield Magistrates found Gemma Cooper guilty of disposing of controlled waste at her home on Field Drive, Model Village, Shirebrook and was ordered to pay a total of £210 consisting of costs of £150, fine of £40 and victim surcharge of £20.

In 2014, residents of Shirebrook Model Village had all received a letter advising them not to burn rubbish and in addition a specific letter was sent to Mrs Cooper as she continued to burn rubbish at her property. 

Back on 1 March 2016, council officers and Derbyshire Constabulary where undertaking evening patrols to identify illegal burning and attended a large fire (covering approximately 3 square metres) burning in the rear garden of Mrs Cooper’s property.

The contents included household waste such as waste bin items, waste food, paper, cardboard, tins, plastics, wood and plastic bin liners and the products of the combustion led to the formation of noxious fumes close to a built up area.

On 21 March 2016, Mrs Cooper attended a PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence) interview at the Council Offices and admitted to burning waste on her land on 1 March 2016 and that she had allowed others to burn waste on her land.

Council officers consequently obtained information from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service that a fire engine and crew had been called out on eight occasions over a four-month period to reported burning incidents at Mrs Cooper’s property.

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Brian Murray-Carr said, “This woman had been given plenty of warning, but continued to break the law and cause problems for her neighbours by setting fires.

“I am regularly contacted by members of the public who complain that we do not do enough to tackle the problems such as fires and burning waste in back gardens and this case demonstrates our commitment as a Council in dealing effectively with these type of problems together with other agencies.”

Date issued: 17 March 2017

As Leader of Bolsover District Council I write to respond to the consultation. Whilst the District Council recognises that HS2 has the potential to bring economic benefits to northern Derbyshire and the East Midlands we remain concerned at the significant impact on our local communities. We are also concerned that there will be significant impact on our local economy and businesses.

During the period of consultation we have received representations directly from residents and businesses. On each occasion we have advised that these representations also be made directly to HS2. Additionally we have aimed to reflect the views and concerns expressed in these representations in our letter as follows.

It is clear that changes to the original 2013 consultation proposals have created significant concerns directly as a consequence of alterations to the main route and also as a consequence of a proposed spur line serving Sheffield and Chesterfield. During the recent period of consultation we received a number of letters regarding the proposals particularly the impact of the spur line in the Blackwell, Newton and Tibshelf areas. The District Council is concerned that HS2 will place significant blight on these areas which will impact negatively on property prices and create a lasting negative legacy. There were consistent themes in the representations that were made to the District Council regarding the spur line particularly around the impact on the countryside and the negative effect on house prices. Concerns were expressed that the compensation schemes do not reflect the negative impact that HS2 will have on property values. Representations were also made that the construction works and proposals to cross the M1 motorway will bring significant congestion to the area creating problems for businesses and residents. Concerns were also expressed that additional traffic will contribute to areas of poor air quality.

On this basis we urge that HS2 fully consider alternatives to the proposed spur line and look at the options available to use an alternative from the Toton Station that would still serve the South Yorkshire area. We believe this would present a more cost effective solution and significantly lessen the impact. If it is intended to continue with the proposals for the spur line then we would urge HS2 to strongly consider what mitigation can be put in place to negate the impact on our local environment and our communities.

The District Council is concerned that the proposed new route will have a serious impact on the key heritage assets within our area particularly Hardwick Hall and Bolsover Castle. These sites are key elements of our visitor economy and we are concerned that the proposals and the impact on our transport network, will significantly restrict the benefits these two internationally renowned sites bring. We are also concerned that longer term the environmental impact of HS2 will blight our area and negatively affect the appeal of our iconic heritage assets.

We are concerned that the spur line proposals will have a negative impact on the electrification of the Midland Main Line. We view the electrification as an integral part of the economic regeneration of northern Derbyshire. We would not wish to see HS2 negatively impact on the Midland Mainline proposals and we would seek assurances that despite rising costs HS2 will not restrict the Government’s ability to deliver other projects which are integral to our areas economic success.

Whilst we understand the HS2 proposals require safeguarding Bolsover District Council is currently in the process of developing its Local Plan. The timing of HS2 Phase 2b consultation has not assisted with this process as the route impacts negatively on sites within our district. As a consequence of this we have had ongoing dialogue with HS2 and we anticipate this dialogue will continue, because uncertainty does not assist us with strategic spatial planning.

In addition to the impact of HS2 proposals on our Local Plan process there are areas where the new route has direct impact on local businesses. An initial assessment of this impact evidences that approximately £350,000 worth of business rates could be lost as a result of the route should businesses choose to either end their operations or relocate outside of our district. It is clear that Government places strong emphasis on Councils growing their local economy with changes to Local Government financing likely to place reliance on the growth of business rates. It is, therefore, clear that HS2 proposals will have a significant negative impact on the Local Authority’s finances through loss of business rates. On this basis we urge that HS2 continue dialogue with the District Council so that the negative impacts on our businesses can be mitigated properly. Alternatively a change to the route would prevent a number of large employment sites from being directly affected.

We are also concerned that the direct impact and accumulated impact on the transport network during construction will not assist with the growth of our local economy. We urge HS2 to give full and proper consideration to how best to mitigate this impact on our local businesses.

If the proposals do go ahead we strongly urge HS2 to ensure that the Infrastructure Maintenance Depot at Staveley contains within it a satellite college linked to the High Speed Rail College at Doncaster. We want to ensure that this facility provides opportunities and employment for local people ensuring that they can benefit directly from HS2. We feel that without this local satellite college it is unlikely that the benefits of the Infrastructure Maintenance Depot for local people will fully materialise.

We note with concern that for Phase 1 (London/West Midlands) the Government announced a £30m funding package for a Community and Environment Fund (CEF) and Business and Local Economy Fund (BLEF). These funds will be available to residents and communities on the line of the route for investment in public projects, such as the refurbishment of local community centres, nature conservation and measures to support local economies and employment. We are concerned to date no details of this fund are yet available for Phase 2b of the project which includes the route through Derbyshire. We strongly urge that HS2 provide such a fund for our area and provide clear and simple mechanisms for our local communities and businesses to access it. We view this as a matter that HS2 needs to address quickly so communities and businesses can properly offset the impact.

In respect of the compensation available for householders and businesses affected we urge HS2 to ensure that residents and businesses are not unduly disadvantaged. We also urge that HS2 ensures consistency in the compensation given to residents so that those in rural areas have access to compensation which is consistent with those affected in urban areas.

In conclusion the District Council recognises the potential economic benefits that could result from the HS2 proposals. However we have very serious concerns regarding the impact on our local communities and businesses. We also have significant concerns about the impact of HS2 on our local environment and heritage assets that are an integral part of the uniqueness of Bolsover District. On this basis we would urge that HS2 give proper consideration to all the points within our letter and continue the dialogue with our communities, businesses and the Council to ensure alternative options are fully considered and the impact is properly managed and mitigated, should HS2 go ahead.

Yours faithfully

Councillor Ann Syrett
Leader of the Council

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