'I feel like I have won the pools' says Shirebrook woman

Bolsover District Council’s ambition to build more new council homes is continuing to gather pace after the first phase of a new housing development in Shirebrook has seen the new tenants move in.

16 bungalows, out of 28, have been built by the Councils company, Dragonfly Development Limited, close to the town centre and are aimed at older people.

One of the first to move into the new bungalows was John and Denise Wilson who have lived in Shirebrook all their lives. As they grow older their needs have changed and they require more suitable accommodation, but they did not want to move out of the town.

“This is like winning the pools to me and John,” said Denise. “I like everything about it, everything. There must have been so much planning behind the scenes to get these gardens and how they have designed it, and all the older people can be on the flat and not miles away from the shops. I can’t thank the Council enough.”

The twenty-eight new bungalows are part of the authority’s £36million Bolsover Homes scheme and are being built on Portland Street, Market Close and Hereward Close in Shirebrook.

Built on a disused piece of land, they all meet modern building standards and provide good quality, modern accommodation near the centre of town, its shops and services.

Bolsover District Council Leader and Chair of Dragonfly Development Ltd, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “We promised our older people new bungalows and we have delivered. They really are first class and all the comments we have received so far have been very positive.

“The UK has the sixth-largest national economy in the world, but we have a reported shortage of four million homes – that can’t be right. That’s why we made the promise when I became Leader in 2019 that we would build homes for local people, families and especially our older generation to make sure they have somewhere decent to call home.”

This reported shortage would take an estimated 25 years just to clear the backlog. Couple this with the cost of living crisis and landlords using Section 21 Notices there is an increase in demand for Council properties which is causing problems up and down the country.

But Bolsover District Council, through Dragonfly Development Limited, continue to lead the way and provide local homes for local people, something which the Councils Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Sandra Peake said was vitally important.

“We understand that people don’t want to move out of the town or village they have grown up in and that their needs change as they get older. That’s why we look at where there is a need, carefully select the plots of land and build top class housing to benefit our local residents.

“I am looking forward to the development being complete so more of our older people can enjoy the benefits of living in a brand new property close to the town centre.”

The remaining 12 properties on the development are due to be completed in February 2024.

Council Leader, Steve Fritchley with Denise Wilson  Council and Dragonfly Development Ltd officials at the handover of the new bungalows in Shirebrook 


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