Demolition works to start on Blackwell estate

We have agreed to start work on demolishing 20 bungalows on Woburn Close in Blackwell.

The bungalows have been vacated and will make way for a brand new development which will include a new Independent Living Scheme (ILS) with 20 self-contained flats, together with a mix of 23 houses and bungalows with a further 2 properties being built at a nearby disused parking area at Pendean Close.

The site has attracted anti-social behaviour including break-ins at the bungalows and we want to demolish the bungalows, at a cost of £86,736.

The tenants in the current ILS will continue to live in the building until the new one is constructed, after which the building will be demolished to make way for the remaining bungalows and housing.

Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Sandra Peake said that starting demolition work on the properties was a priority if we are to meet the March 2024 start date.

“We promised the tenants and residents of the area that we would redevelop the site and we intend on keeping our promises. The removal of the bungalows will allow a clear site for us to redevelop it into modern, energy efficient social housing more suited to meet the needs of the local community.

“I would like to reassure local residents that we will do everything we can to ensure we reduce disruption and thank them for their understanding.”

The scheme is part of our £36million Bolsover Homes project which is aimed at building new council houses for affordable rents across Bolsover District.

It uses council land by replacing end of life, unfit for purpose dwellings, with new homes that exceed today’s living standard whilst benefiting the District’s economy through training, skills development, and local supply chain.


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