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Bolsover Contact Centre, Cotton Street, Bolsover S44 6HA
Clowne Contact Centre, The Arc, High Street, Clowne S43 4JY (main headquarters)

Shirebrook Contact Centre, 2A Main Street, Shirebrook NG20 8AW
South Normanton Contact Centre, The Hub, Shiners Way, South Normanton DE55 2AA
Telephone 01246 242424

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We are on the lookout for residents who want to help shape the future of council services in Bolsover District and want to improve the lives of others in the local area?

We are asking for volunteers to be part of our Citizens’ Panel and Equality Panel, which meets 3 or 4 times a year and to complete a maximum of 6 questionnaires a year about council services and the local area.

If you live in Bolsover District and would like to attend Equality Panel meetings or become a Citizens’ Panel member, or both – please contact us on the numbers below or visit Ask Derbyshire and click on “Bolsover Panels Recruitment” to send us your details. Some travel costs will be paid to those who attend the Equality Panel.

For further information about the Citizens’ Panel please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.on 01246 242300 and for more information about the Equality Panel, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.on 01246 242407.

We have obtained a court order to board up a Council house in South Normanton after local residents were subjected to drug related activity and anti social behaviour.

The Closure Order, for Coronation Drive, South Normanton, was granted on 23 March 2017 from Northern Derbyshire Magistrates Court after the tenant and visitors subjected local residents and neighbours to continuous anti social behaviour (ASB) and distress.

Together with the Police, we were made aware of a number of incidents of anti social behaviour, alleged crime and drug taking from the property which affected local people’s quality of life. Numerous approaches were made by us to try and deal with the issues but the tenant in the property continued with their actions.

The Court granted the order as they believed that a person had engaged (and if the order wasn’t made) and was likely to engage, in disorderly, offensive or criminal behaviour at the property and the order was necessary to prevent the nuisance or disorder from continuing.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Councillor John Ritchie said, “This was a huge problem which was causing distress to local residents – distress that no-one should have to put up with. We knew we had to act as fast as we could to stamp out the problem so we had no hesitation in using the Closure Power legislation.

“It’s never nice for anyone to have to put up with anti social behaviour day and night and local residents of this area have had to put up with more than their fair share. But, they can now sleep easy at night and enjoy their homes, knowing that the problem has been sorted. This should also serve as a warning to others that we will not tolerate this type of behaviour and we will use whatever powers and action are appropriate and available to us.”

The Closure Order is for three-months and we can also apply for an extension of another three-months after this time. We will seek possession of the property during the three-months to ensure that the perpetrators are not able to continue with their behaviour in the future. It is an imprisonable offence if any person tries to enter the property.

We have issued Morrisons with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) in an effort to try and clean up the Sherwood Lodge site in Bolsover.

Since the company purchased the site back in 2014, it has fallen into disrepair and has been the subject of repeated acts of vandalism and fires.

A CPN warning was issued to the landowner (Optimisation Developments Ltd) on 7 February 2017 and since that date the company have not acknowledged the contents of the warning notice or tried to resolve the situation.

Council officers along with partners from the Police and Fire Service undertook an inspection of the site and none of the conditions documented within the warning have been met, apart from the erection of signs advising security is on site.

As a result, the Community Protection Notice has been issued to the landowner today, which gives them 28 days to complete the work detailed on the notice. If they fail to do this they will face prosecution by the Council’s Legal Department and a potential fine of up to £20,000.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Councillor John Ritchie said, “We have tried and tried to speak to the company to get them to resolve the situation, but they do not return our calls or reply to our emails and letters, so we had no hesitation in using our legal powers and issuing this notice.

“The site is an eyesore and dangerous. We’ve had vandalism and fires and it is now a magnet in attracting anti social behaviour, so something has to be done – and soon! We want the company to make it safe immediately and then put plans forward for it to be developed for the benefit of the town as soon as possible.”

Date issued: 23 March 2017

A household telephone shopping survey will commence on Monday 27 March undertaken by NEMS Market Research. NEMS will be telephoning residents of Barlborough and Clowne to ask questions them about their shopping and leisure habits. 

NEMS only require 70 responses so the survey calls will end as soon as those responses are received.

The purpose of the survey is to inform a Retail and Town Centres Study being undertaken by consultants, Nexus, on behalf of Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Council's. The Study will form an important part of the evidence base for each Council’s Local Plan.

If you require further advice or need to pass calls on please direct them to a member of the Planning Policy Team on 01246 242294/242290/242286/242292).

Date issued: 23 March 2017

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