Bins and recycling

We operate a three bin system. Black Bins (domestic waste) Burgundy Bins (recyclable waste) and Green Bins (garden/food waste). 

The bins are collected on a fortnightly basis with the black bin one week and the green and burgundy bin the following week. 

  • To find out when your bin collection day is, please visit our Self Service site, where you can also sign up for email bin alerts. Please read our Waste Collection Policy for more information.

Northern areas of the district - green bin collections will re-commence on 28 March 2023.

Southern areas of the district  - green bin collections will re-commence on 21 March 2023.

Annual household waste collection arrangements are set out in calendars delivered in October which further clarify dates of your three-bin service and information on recycling and composting.

To sign up to email bin reminders please use our self-service system.




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