Clinical waste

We deliver a clinical waste collection service to both domestic and commercial properties in the District only after assessment by your G.P or Health Care Professional. Domestic collections will be arranged only if the conditions of the NHS assessment are met.

Commercial collections are charged at a rate of £8.48 a bag per week, £165.36 over six-months or £330.72 over 12-months.

Clinical waste is categorised as follows:

  • Soft Infectious Waste - Yellow bag (incineration only) A special collection is required to dispose of this waste and must not be placed in the black bin. Infectious waste should not be disposed of in the black residual waste wheelie bin.
  • Infectious Sharps Waste - This waste should be placed in the yellow 'Sharpsguard' sharps container. If you are able to visit your surgery, or have relatives or representatives who can visit the surgery for you, the full sharps box should be taken to your surgery for disposal. 
  • Offensive/Hygiene Waste - Non-infectious offensive/hygiene waste, including incontinence waste, empty stoma and catheter bags.  This waste can be disposed of in the black residual waste wheelie bin.


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