Burgundy Bins


The burgundy bin is for recyclable waste. Hessian bags are provided for recycling paper and you should present the bags by either placing them on top of the bin lid or at the side of the bin. Please don’t include them inside the bin as there is a risk they could be tipped in the back of the vehicle. When emptied, collection staff will place\trap the empty bag under the bin lid to the rear where the pinch point is greatest nearer the edges. Please ensure only the waste permitted is placed into your burgundy bin and refer to our Burgundy Bin FAQs, otherwise we may refuse to collect it.

Make sure your bin is presented, with the lid shut, at the edge of your property where it meets the pavement by 6am on your collection day. Extra recycling that won’t fit in your burgundy bin can be presented in a clearly labelled box or bag at the side of the burgundy bin on normal collection day. Large cardboard packaging may also be put at the side of your burgundy bin, but please flatten this. If, due to disability or sickness, you (or no-one else in your property) are unable to present your bin for collection, then you can apply for Assisted Bin Collections.

If your bin has not been collected on its due date, then please report this to us via our Self Service portal so we can investigate and take action.



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