Street Trading

There are restrictions on people trading on a street in some areas of the Bolsover District. The following areas in Bolsover District are controlled for street trading under the provisions of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.

You should also ensure you notify the police and seek the permission of the owner of the land you intend to trade from. In lay-by's and on highways this is likely to be Derbyshire County Council but you may need to make other enquires with landowners directly.


Area designated as Licensed Street

The Section of the A616 from its junction with Chesterfield Road, Barlborough to the boundary of Bolsover District Council at Renishaw.

Areas designated as Prohibited Street/Area

  • Victoria Street, Shirebrook
  • Market Street, Shirebrook
  • King Edward Street, Shirebrook
  • Portland Road, Shirebrook
  • Hereward Close, Shirebrook
  • Ashbourne Street, Shirebrook
  • Station Road, Shirebrook from its origin in the west to its junction with Portland Road in the east.
  • The Colonade, Shirebrook
  • Field Drive, Shirebrook
  • Acreage Lane, Shirebrook from its origin in the west to its junction with Swanwick Avenue in the east.

Derbyshire County Council must always be contacted regarding the possible siting of your catering vehicle; however, the following rules must be followed.

  1. The County Council as Highway Authority will not accept catering units directly within the live carriageway as this constitutes an obstruction to the safe and free flow of traffic.
  2. There must be only one vending unit on site at any one time, trading or non-trading.
  3. The unit should be truly mobile i.e. self propelled or towable on its chassis.
  4. The unit shall not conflict with any form of Traffic Regulation Order.
  5. The unit shall not cause or give rise to road safety concern.
  6. The unit shall not cause damage to the traffic of the highway.
  7. All waste, liquids etc. shall be kept off the highway at all times and litter removed from the lay-by at the end of each opening period of business i.e. the vendor is to be responsible for all waste materials generated by the vending operations.
  8. The unit shall be sited behind the kerb line leaving at least 1.5m between it and the lay-by to provide a pedestrian safety margin. The above safety margin shall apply to any portaloo or waste containers.
  9. Should any damage occur to the lay-by e.g. HGV’s overrunning onto the verge etc which could attribute to the vending operations or should the lay-by be required by Derbyshire County Council or its representatives for highway maintenance or other purposes, the vendor will be required to vacate the site on a permanent or temporary basis. Likewise, in the event of any occurrence related to the vending operation which could be considered to be prejudicial to highway safety.
  10. If the location is not within the highway limits, the permission of the landowner will be required.
  11. You are also advised that in all cases, all locations (i.e. working/storage or static locations) are likely to need planning permission from the relevant local Planning Authority.


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