If you:

  • Consider that we have made a decision incorrectly, in accordance with our own Council Tax Support scheme; or
  • You believe that we should have given you a reduction on the Council Tax you pay; or
  • Consider that the amount of reduction is not correct

You should:

  • Write to us stating why you think it is wrong and we will look at your claim again;
  • If we do not respond to you within two months, or you remain dissatisfied with our response, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal

If you agree that you have been paid too much Council Tax Support, but do not think that you should have to pay it back you cannot appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. In these circumstances you should apply to our council tax section for discretionary council tax relief.

Upon receipt of any request for reconsideration or appeal we will check your claim thoroughly and take account of any more information you have provided with your written request. We could then:

  • Change our decision and pay you more benefit;
  • Change our decision and pay you less benefit; or
  • Decide the decision is already correct and therefore make no changes.

In any of the above cases we will write to you to let you know what we have decided and the reasons for the decision.


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