Leader names his ‘Cabinet’

Councillor Steve Fritchley has been re-elected as Leader of the Council and took no time at all in naming his new Cabinet as he looks to continue the good work carried out over the past four-years.

Councillor Fritchley has overall responsibility for policy, strategy and communications, and joining him is Councillor Duncan McGregor who was once again named as Deputy Leader of the Council and also has responsibility for Corporate Performance and Human Resources.

Councillor Fritchley said, “I would like to thank the Council for putting their trust in me again to lead them over the next four years. I want to carry on and build upon the good work we have done over the past four-years and every councillor has a responsibility and part to play in this.

“We will continue with our social house-building schemes, look to redevelop Pleasley Mills into a business and tourist hotspot, improve our environment through tree planting schemes, develop our towns and villages to help local businesses and create skills and job opportunities for local residents. And we will do all of this, whilst continuing to maintain a balanced budget and providing good quality services for our residents.”

Councillor Fritchley has over 34-years’ experience as a district councillor and represents the Langwith ward. One of the first jobs of the new Leader was to decide upon the roles for his Cabinet members. The Cabinet (Executive) is the ruling group responsible for guiding the Council in agreeing policy and making sure it achieves its aims and objectives and contains six councillors.

The following additional councillors have been named as the initial Cabinet along with their portfolio responsibilities:

  • Councillor Sandra Peake – Housing
  • Councillor Mary Dooley – Health and Wellbeing
  • Councillor Clive Moesby – Resources
  • Councillor Anne Clarke – Environment
  • Councillor John Ritchie - Growth

Councillor Fritchley added, “We have a big four-years ahead of us. But I feel I have the right mix of experience and skills within the Cabinet, who will work with our creative staff to continue with our ambitions and rejuvenate Bolsover District.”

Councillor Tom Munro has been named as Chair of the Council with Councillor Rita Turner becoming the Vice-Chair. Councillor Tom Munro has chosen The Royal British Legion as his charity this year and will aim to raise funds for them at events throughout his term in office.

The remaining 32 councillors will serve on the Scrutiny Committees and act as a 'watchdog' with powers to call in and challenge Cabinet decisions and service plans and have a major responsibility to hold Cabinet to account for its actions.


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