Council Leader launches second ‘Vision Bolsover District’

We have launched our 'Vision Bolsover District Part Two' booklet that aims to inform our local communities what we have been, and are doing, on their behalf.

The booklet is being delivered to every household across the district (week commencing 25 March 2024) and is narrated by the Council Leader, Steve Fritchley.

It includes details on what we have been doing over the past four-years as well as some high level ambitions that Steve feels would benefit the district and its communities.

Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “I like Bolsover District Council to think big and aim high and this document showcases some of the more high profile ambitions we want to achieve over the next four-years.

“We are a well managed, financially sound authority which allows us to not only continue to deliver and improve our day-to-day services but consider and develop good quality schemes so they can become reality.

“Some of the projects I would like to see include, building a Go Kart track, improving the local environment, constructing a technology and skills centre and developing the town centres.

“We cannot afford to just stand still and wait for someone to come and give us a handout. That’s one of the reasons why we set up our company Dragonfly Development Ltd to help us attract more income so we can deliver our ambitions. Ambitions that will make a difference in our local communities.

“We obviously cannot do this alone, that’s why we will be talking to our partners and have put into place structures to enable us to get the possible deals available from the newly formed East Midlands County Combined Authority.”

The document also reflects on what has been achieved since 2019 such as bringing the burgundy bin service in-house and rescuing jobs, investing over £10million into the Independent Living Schemes, assisting and helping local community and voluntary groups and spending £1million on the extension to the popular Tangent Business Hub.


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