Gambling licence

We have published our notice of intent to publish the 2022-2025 Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Licensing Principles and 2022-2025 Local Area Profile which are to take effect from 15 February 2023.

The Gambling Bill modernises the law on gambling and provides for a unified regulator for gambling, the Gambling Commission

As part of our Statement of Licensing Principles we have also created a Local Area Profile which we regularly update.

There are three types of licence:

  1. An Operator Licence, concerned with the management and conduct of gambling, issued and regulated by the Commission
  2. A Personal Licence, for persons with key operational functions connected with the gambling business, issued and regulated by the Commission
  3. A Premises Licence, for the property where the gambling takes place, issued and regulated by the Council.

The Act also regulates amusement with prizes machines and lotteries. Information on current applications or licensed premises and conditions is available by searching the online public register.

Further information is available from the Gambling Commission website.


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