Animal Activity Licencing

Licences for the following activities will be needed when carried out as a business with the exception of breeding. All activities will be assessed whether they need a licence. If you are unsure if you need a licence please contact Environmental Health. If you are trading illegally and then apply for a licence then this may impact on the consideration of your application.

  • Selling Animals as Pets
  • Providing or Arranging for the Provision of Boarding of Cats or Dogs Which includes:-
  • Cat boarding
  • Kennel Boarding for Dogs
  • Home Boarding for Dogs
  • Day Care Boarding for Dogs
  • Hiring Out Horses For Riding or Instruction in Riding
  • Breeding Dogs
  • Keeping or Training Animals For Exhibition

We aim to issue a decision on an application within 10-weeks of receiving a new licence application. However, if this is not possible, you (the applicant) will be notified about the delay and the reasons why.

If you have a licence

If you have an existing valid licence, you don’t need to renew it until it expires. The application process does take 10 weeks so if you do not want a break in your licence term then you must apply at least 10 weeks prior to your current licence expiring.

If you have a dog boarding licence and also look after dogs in the day, you will need to obtain a licence for this activity too if the operation is different to the home boarding operation. 

If you don’t have a licence or you need a new one

Application forms are available at our contact centres and are activity specific. Each application form has an accompanying guidance document you will need to read and also the appropriate fees that need to accompany the application are also available.


The licence holder must be a named person who is not disqualified from holding a licence in accordance with the requirements of regulation 11 of the regulations. A person cannot apply for a licence if they have previously had a licence revoked under the Regulations or is disqualified from keeping an animal under any other legislation.

Guidance Documents

Guidance documents specific to each activity can be found at GOV.UK.  

Public Registers

If you would like to check if a premises is licenced, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 01246 217884/217885.

Application Forms and Fees

The following documents are application forms which are activity specific, and appropriate fees. Please note home boarding licences and day care licences are to be submitted on the animal boarding application. Licences for home boarding and day care cannot be run at the same premises.

File type Title Size
Pet Shop
694 KB
Exhibition of Animals
684 KB
Animal boarding - this covers home boarding, daycare, kennels and catteries
666.5 KB
Hiring Out Horses
693.5 KB
Breeding and Sale of Dogs
746 KB
Licensing of activities Fees and Renewal Fees
55.74 KB


Animal Licensing Policy and Guidance

Animal Licencing Policy and Guidance document


Public registers for animal licences

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