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The Pocket Choral Society
Saturday 18 May 2024, 07:00pm

Four experienced singers present a show of new and not so new music to entertain all ages. The Pocket Choral Society brings sweet sounds, improvisation and laughter as one glorious whole!

Singing unamplified, the quartet bring their own songs and new arrangements of some more well known numbers from songwriters like Lennon and McCartney, Lou Reed and Tom Waits in an intimate and relaxed way.

The vicar, publican, farmer and village shop worker who form the group bring a whole new vibe to the show as they combine the singing with tales of intrigue and village life from their own village of Pocket. Beautifully crafted harmonies, stories from village life and plenty of opportunity to sing along, this is one evening you don't want to miss!

Location Doe Lea Resource Centre