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Cri du Canard
Saturday 24 February 2024, 07:30pm

Le Coin-Coin (Quack-Quack) is perhaps the most well-known Cri du Canard (Call of the Duck), but coming in at a close second is this newly formed trio of musicians. Grace Smith (Fiddle), Sam Partridge (Wooden Flute), and Dave Gray (Melodeon) intertwine fiddle, flute and melodeon through an exploration of traditional folk-dance repertoire of France, and have recently made their debut recording of self-penned dance tunes.

Whether you'd like to learn some traditional French dance moves and join in with the dancing, or listen to these hypnotic melodies while finding out more about the context of this music, there is plenty to entertain you when in the company of these skilled musicians. So get ready to take to the floor for some Schottisches and Bourrees, or sit back and enjoy the energetic and joyful music!

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Location The Verney Institute, Pleasley