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Rewild and Unwind: Food and fire in focus led by growth activities
Monday 05 June 2023, 10:00am

“Put a little spark back in your life”.  Become a confident fire builder and starter in any situation, using a variety of primitive and modern tools and techniques. Cook up a feast and then sit back for some fireside reflection.

Fire is primal and few fail to be romanced or entranced by its dancing flames.  This unique experience offers the opportunity to focus on fire, food, and yourself. This day has been designed to improve your overall wellbeing, giving you a boost in skills, confidence, and the ability to switch off from the routine of everyday life. We invite you to step out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself.

Sometimes a little spark is all you need!

And what a perfect setting! We feel privileged to be able to invite you to this prehistoric site, with an inspiring human story that spans over 50,000 years. We could not ask for a more appropriate place to get primal.

This unique experience includes: tinders and kindlings, wood collection and choice, fire lighting using different fire starting techniques, campfire cooking. All materials and equipment and refreshments.

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Location Creswell Crags