Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are those parts of the District which have been recognised as having a special architectural or historic interest which is worthy of preservation and enhancement.

When considering planning applications for developments within them, a duty is placed on the local planning authority to pay special attention to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the conservation area. Anyone intending to do works to trees in a conservation area is required to give the planning authority six-weeks notice.

There are 27 conservation areas within Bolsover District at present.

Aspley Grange Astwith  Barlborough
Belph Bolsover Carnfield Hall
Clowne Creswell Elmton
Elmton-with-Creswell Farmsteads Hardstoft Hardwick and Rowthorne
Markland and Hollinhill Grips Newton Old Blackwell 
Palterton Pleasley Park and Vale  Pleasley Village
Scarcliffe Southgate House  Stainsby
Steetley Stony Houghton Tibshelf 
Upper Langwith Whaley  Whitwell




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