Development Plan


The development plan for the district is currently made up of the documents below read together. Where there is any conflict between the policies contained in these documents, the policy in the most recently published, adopted or approved document prevails.

Local Plan for Bolsover District

The Local Plan for Bolsover District was adopted by the Council on 4th March 2020.

Following its adoption, the Local Plan forms the key part of the Development Plan for Bolsover District and supersedes the Bolsover District Local Plan (February 2000) and all of the policies within that document.

The Local Plan for Bolsover District is an ambitious document which actively tackles the issues we face today in seeking to achieve sustainable growth. It is underpinned by sound evidence and a spatial strategy that retains the District’s distinctive identity whilst providing the growth that is needed for the District to prosper and flourish. This means that it plans for the right amount and type of homes to meet our needs, in the right places with the right infrastructure in place to support all residents and businesses going forward.

The Local Plan for Bolsover District and its related documents can be viewed below:

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Made Neighbourhood Plans

The following ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plans also form part of the Development Plan for Bolsover District.

Tibshelf Neighbourhood Plan (May 2023)


Derby and Derbyshire Minerals and Waste Local Plans

The Derby and Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan (April 2000, as altered in November 2002) sets out planning policies for minerals development. Most of its policies have been saved and will remain in force until they are replaced by new development plan documents. The Minerals Plan is supplemented by Supplementary Planning Guidance on the After-uses of Sand and Gravel Sites.

The Derby and Derbyshire Waste Local Plan (March 2005) sets out planning policies for waste development. All but one policy (policy W1A) of the Derby and Derbyshire Waste Local Plan, adopted in March 2005, have been saved beyond March 2008.

Proposals for the replacement of these policies are contained within the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme prepared jointly by Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council.


Staying updated

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