Guidance on applying

Selection for interview will be based solely on the information given in the application form which is designed to ensure a consistent and fair process for all.

The following notes will help you with completing your application form.

  • Carefully read the requirements of the Person Specification and the contents of the Job Description before completing the Application Form.
  • You must address ALL essential requirements on the Person Specification in your application.
  • You must show how you can demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience required by giving examples. Statements that are not supported by examples will not be accepted as meeting the requirements of the role.
  • You must meet ALL essential criteria to be considered for the next stage of the process which is normally an interview.
  • Unpaid or voluntary work can be just as relevant as paid work.
  • Please complete ALL appropriate sections of the application form.
  • Ensure your application relates to the job you are applying for. It is advisable not to copy the same application for a series of jobs.
  • If you are submitting a written rather than online application, do a rough draft first to avoid mistakes and repetitions.
  • Check that all dates are correct and in the right order.
  • False or misleading information will disqualify you from appointment, or if appointed, will render you liable to dismissal without notice.
  • Pre-prepared curriculum vitae will not be accepted.
  • All offers of appointment will be subject to pre-recruitment checks such as satisfactory references, proof of qualifications and evidence of medical fitness etc. Successful candidates will be asked to complete a medical statement and may be required to undergo a medical examination.
  • The appointment of applicants will be subject to the provision of the employing Council’s Probationary Procedure. Details are available from the HR section.

If you would like any help with filling in the form, or if you have any special requirements, please contact us on 01246 242524.


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