Planning enforcement

In accordance with Government guidance, the planning department has produced a Local Enforcement Plan, which was updated in May 2022.

  • Report a suspected unauthorised development/breach of planning permission - If you suspect an unauthorised development has taken place, you can report this online using our Self Service portal or by post to: The Planning Department, The Arc, High Street, Clowne, S43 4JY. Telephone reports will only be acted upon if there are special circumstances/special urgency. Examples include knocking down a protected building or taking down a protected tree. Anonymous reports will not be investigated, unless there is a clear and obvious breach of planning control and it is considered expedient to act upon it. Once we have received a completed online form or letter, we will send you an acknowledgement. At the conclusion of our investigations we will let the person who has reported a suspected breach know what action we have taken. We will not normally provide any other updates on our investigations but we will aim to work to the timescales we have set out in Chapter 2 of the Local Enforcement Plan.
  • How we prioritise planning enforcement allegations
  • How will we use personal data included on an online report or letter - We do not publish your personal contact details and we treat these details in confidence because we recognise many people will not have the confidence to report a suspected breach of planning control if their identity were to be made public. For these reasons, we would not normally provide information about the details of a person who has reported a suspected breach of planning control.
  • Complaints that cannot be dealt with by planning enforcement
  • How we investigate suspected breaches of planning control?
  • Time limits for planning enforcement
  • Retrospective planning applications - We will invite the submission of a retrospective planning application where is considered planning permission would likely be granted. This includes where planning conditions could be used to make the unauthorised development or works acceptable in planning terms and the person responsible for the breach of planning control has expressed a willingness to submit a retrospective application within three-months of the breach being identified. However, it is highly unlikely that we will invite an application if the breach of planning control we are investigating is significantly contrary to planning policies and/or has resulted in, or continues to significantly detract from the living conditions of local residents or the character and appearance of the local area in a way that cannot be dealt with satisfactorily by planning conditions or amendments to the development. In these circumstances, we will consider taking further action and this will normally involve commencing formal enforcement action to remedy unacceptable breaches of planning control.
  • Formal enforcement action

Planning Enforcement Register
The planning enforcement register is currently available to view at the Council Offices, The Arc, Clowne.


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