Council Tax Energy Rebate

The Government has announced measures to support households in response to the rising costs of energy. One of the measures announced is a £150 payment to households in council tax bands A – D (approximately 95% households within the Bolsover District Council area).

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A LOAN AND IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE PAID BACK (unless it is later found that you do not meet the eligibility criteria).


If you pay by Direct Debit

The £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate payments have commenced to households who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit, with over 22,000 payments due to reach bank accounts on 11th May 2022.
Verification checks are still ongoing on the remaining Direct Debit accounts and these payments will be made to verified accounts as soon as possible. Please be aware however that payments cannot be made into an account until an initial Council Tax Direct Debit payment has been received after 1st April 2022.  This will be shown on your bank statement as ‘BOLSOVER DC’.

Verification checks and payments are being processed as quickly as possible and we ask you to be patient at this time.

Please do not contact us at this time to find out what date you will be paid as this may delay us being able to process the payments.

Non-Direct Debit Payers

In excess of 10,000 letters have been issued by the Post Office on behalf of the Council, inviting households to collect their £150 from any Post Office branch. Instructions on how to collect your payment are included in the letter. A small number of letters are still to be issued and we are working to get these produced as soon as possible.

The Post Office can only make payments to you if you present the letter issued to you and sufficient identification. Therefore, please do not go to the Post Office until you have your letter.

If you wish to set up a Direct Debit for payment of your Council Tax, a mandate can be completed by creating a  self-service account, or by ringing the Revenues Section on 01246 242440. Please have your sort code and bank account reference ready, along with your 9 digit Council Tax reference starting with 9. This can be found on your Council Tax bill.



The full guidance can be viewed here.



  • The property must be valued in council tax band A – D, or band E where disabled relief has been awarded.
  • The property must be someone’s main residence – unoccupied properties and second homes are not eligible.
  • You must be resident and the liable person at the end of the day on 1 April 2022.


Council tax instalments

Please continue to pay your Council Tax instalments in accordance with the latest bill issued to you.


Discretionary payments

The Government have announced further measures to support households and Local Authorities have been given funding to support households via a discretionary payment. Our discretionary scheme is as follows:

  • A payment of £150 will be made to households in Council Tax band E – H that are in receipt of Council Tax Support.
  • A payment of £80 will be made to households in Council Tax band E that are not in receipt of Council Tax Support
  • A ‘top-up’ payment of £25 will be made to Pension age households in all bands that are in receipt of Council Tax Support.

Payments will commence from 13 July 2022. Please note however, that this scheme is ongoing and not everyone will receive a payment on 13 July 2022. Please do not contact us at this time to find out what date you will be paid as this may delay us being able to process the payments.


How to check your council tax band

If you wish to check your Council Tax band, or ask for your band to be reviewed by the Valuation Office (VOA), you can do so via their website.

The VOA recently published an article for customers setting out the circumstances in which they will undertake a band review and the evidence required.  


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