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What is custom and self-build?

Self-build housing means that you are directly involved in organising the design and construction of your new home. This can cover a range of projects such as where you:

  • commission a design and then do much of the actual construction work yourself.
  • arrange for a contractor/builder to build your new home for you.

Custom-build homes tend to be those where you work with a specialist developer to help deliver your home. Developers can provide you with everything from securing or providing a site in the first place, through to managing the construction work and even arranging the finance for you. Should you choose to join the custom and self-build register please ensure you have an understanding of which type of build you're interested in. This will assist us in bringing forward custom and self-build development to suit the needs of those of the register.


Custom and self-build Register

The government wants more people to build or commission their new home. To help realise this, councils are required to have a self-build register so we can understand local demand for this type of housing.

This understanding will help inform future policies and projects to help bring forward custom and self-build development. You can register your interest in undertaking this type of project online.

If you would like more information or have any questions about custom and self-build please email us.


Available plots

It is government policy that local authorities should dispose of surplus and under-used land and property wherever possible. We have fairly wide discretion to dispose of our assets (such as land or buildings) in any manner we wish, (subject to the provisions under sections 123 and 127 of the Local Government Act 1972 and section 87-89 of the Localism Act 2011).

The disposal of sites can also help to reduce our expenditure on maintaining pieces of land that have become a liability or no longer provide viable streams of income for the council whilst accommodating new homes in sustainable locations.

With these objectives in mind, a range of sites have been identified which are not suitable for retention and which have been approved for disposal by elected members. These sites are being offered for sale to those on the custom and self-build register and are available to view on the available land web page.

There are currently no land values advertised with the sites, this is because valuations have a limited window of validity in the current market. We therefore welcome you to get valuations completed by a suitably qualified land valuer and we may be able to proceed with a sale on this basis. If we receive a number of expressions of interests without valuations, we will instruct our own valuer prioritising the sites receiving most interest


Further information

There is further guidance on custom and self-build on the national government website

The National Custom and Self Build Association also includes a range of useful information on custom and self-housebuilding .

One family has already embarked on a custom and self-build project in Clowne on a site previously owned by the Council. You can hear about their story so far on Bolsover TV



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