Social Enterprises, Voluntary & Community Organisations

Bolsover Together - Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service have been commissioned to provide support to Bolsover Community Sector, including communications with and between Voluntary and Community Sector organisations across Bolsover District, advice and guidance, and support. A weekly newsletter is circulated outlining the latest news and articles.

UNLTD - Providing support to social entrepreneurs throughout the UK who are serving our local communities, through accessing training, raising capital, selling products and services, or simply communicating what they do and why to potential partners.

Inspire2Enterprise - Inspire2Enterprise works with individuals and organisations across the UK to start, run, finance and grow social enterprises, through a variety of remote and 1-2-1 support options that can be tailored to your needs.

Social Enterprise UK - Social Enterprise UK is the leading global authority on social enterprise and the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK. They are a strategic partner to 6 government departments and have led public policy on social enterprise for 15 years. They have unrivalled business relationships working with some of the biggest companies in the UK to support social enterprise through their supply chains, people and networks. The membership is a network that includes all the leading lights of the UK social enterprise movement from multi million pound health care and public service providers to community organisations and retail businesses.


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