Smoke Pollution

All of Bolsover District has been officially designated as controlled as a smoke control area. A map showing the extent of the smoke control areas can be found on the Defra website (opens in new window).

It is an offence to emit smoke from the chimney of a building in a designated smoke controlled area. It is also an offence to acquire an "unauthorised fuel" for use within a smoke controlled area unless it is in an exempt appliance.

In smoke control areas you can’t emit smoke from a chimney in a building unless you are burning an authorised fuel or using an exempt appliance. Chimneys could be from traditional open fireplaces, but also from appliances such as solid fuel stoves, furnaces and boilers. The smoke control area rules apply to all premises, including people's homes, businesses, hospitals and residential homes.

A list of authorised fuels is available from Fuels - Defra, UK (opens in new window) and exempt appliance from Appliances - Defra, UK (opens in new window).


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