Community Safety Partnership

Bolsover Community Safety Partnerships (CSP) works to a Community Safety Partnership Plan 2023 - 2026 which is reviewed by the end of March on an annual basis. It is a multi-agency partnership working together to tackle crime and disorder in the District.

We are aware that agencies cannot be effective by working alone and we need the support of the local communities in helping to identify problems and formulate appropriate solutions. Local communities also need to be involved in local crime prevention activities we undertake. For example, by taking up the crime prevention advice provided.

Prevent is one strand of the UK’s wider counter-terrorism strategy known as CONTEST (2018). The purpose of Prevent is to safeguard and support vulnerable people to stop them becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism of any form. What to do if you have any suspicions

  • Adults / Children
    • Discuss with your Organisation’s Safeguarding lead
    • Make a referral to the Prevent team via the form.
  • Prevent Team – 101 or 0300 122 8694 (advice)
  • Keystone – 101 (999 if emergency)
  • Anti-Terror Hotline – 0800 789 321
  • Starting Point Advice Line 01629 53 53 53
  • Call Derbyshire 01629 533190