Pay (Business Rates)

We offer several ways for you to pay your Business Rates, please make sure you have your invoice or reference number to complete the transaction.

  • Direct Debit - You can set up a Direct Debit by either telephoning us on 01246 242440 or by requesting a business rates Direct Debit form.
  • Online - You can make payments on our website through our secure payments page.  Recent increases in the number of SSL related exploits have forced the PCI Security Standards Council to introduce new controls which are mandatory for organisations processing credit card payments. 
  • Cash/Cheque - You can pay by cash or cheque directly at any of our Contact Centres. Payment is required by 1st of each month from April to January. Posting cheques - should be made payable to Bolsover District Council. Please write your invoice/reference number on the back of the cheque so that we can process your payment, and send to Bolsover District Council, The Arc, High Street, Clowne, Derbyshire S43 4JY. Please do not send post-dated cheques. Cash should not be sent by post.
  • Debit Card - Pay over the telephone. Please ring 0300 4560503 and follow the step-by-step instructions. You can ring at any time, the service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Payments received up until 5pm on any working day (Monday to Friday) will normally be allocated to the account (Council Tax, Business Rates etc) by the next working day. Payments received after 5pm, or at weekends and on Bank Holidays will normally be allocated to the account by the following working day.

Information about declined payments

We are seeing an increase in the number of payments being declined. This is often due to the time taken to undertake additional security features the payment card providers are introducing to try and reduce fraudulent payments and protect customers from fraud. Please note that we do not have access to any information telling us why your payment was declined.

What to do if you payment is declined?

Please contact your card issuer (which may be your bank or credit card provider) and ask them why the payment was declined. They will probably ask you a date and time you tried to make the payment and how much you were trying to pay. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer as to why your payment was declined asking the following questions may help:

  • Does my card have an upper limit on the amount I can pay for an online transaction?
  • Do you try and contact me if the amount I am trying to pay online is above a certain amount?
  • How are you trying to contact me – do you have my correct contact details?
  • Was the payment declined because I didn’t have enough money in my account?

Your card issuer should try and help you so you don’t have future payments declined. Alternate payment options (ATP 0300 4560503 Tel 01246 242424)

Online payment verification
Your bank or credit card company many request additional verification to make sure that your payment is authorised, find out more here:


 01246 242490
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.