Rate Relief

A ratepayer is liable for the full non-domestic rate whether a property is wholly occupied or only partly occupied. Where a property is partly occupied for a short time, we will have discretion in certain cases to award relief in respect of the unoccupied part.

  • Small Business Rate Relief - This is only available to ratepayers who apply to us and who occupy either one property, or one main property and other additional properties providing those additional properties have rateable values less than £2,599.
  • Non-profit making organisation - We have the discretion to give non-profit making organisations relief.
  • Hardship Relief - We have the discretion to give hardship relief in special circumstances.
  • Local Discretionary Rate Scheme - Please contact us for more detail on this scheme.
  • Charity and Registered Community Amateur Sports Club Relief - Charities and Registered Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) are entitled to 80% relief where the property is occupied by the Charity or CASC and is wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes of the charity (or of that and other charities), or for the purposes of the CASC (or of that and other CASCs). We have the discretion to give further relief on the remaining bill such as Business Rates Mandatory Relief Form or Business Rates Discretionary Relief Form

 Certain changes in circumstances will need to be notified to us by the ratepayer (other changes will be picked up by us). The changes which must be notified are:

  • the ratepayer taking up occupation of a property they did not occupy at the time of making their application for relief, and
  • an increase in the rateable value of a property occupied by the ratepayer in an area other than the area of Bolsover District Council which granted the relief.

Notification of these changes must be given to us within four-weeks of the day after the day the change happened. If this happens, there will be no interruption to the ratepayer’s entitlement to the relief. A notification that the ratepayer has taken up occupation of an additional property must be by way of a fresh application for relief; notice of an increase in rateable value must be given in writing.

For more information on rate relief please visit the GOV.UK website.



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