Additional bin capacity requests

An assessment must be completed for additional Green and Burgundy waste recycling capacity.

To request Additional Black bin capacity there must be six or more residents living at the property. We must receive proofs of occupancy to process this request and then the property would be entitled to one 360ltr black bin at a one off cost of £33.65.

We will remove the existing black bin and replace it with a 360ltr black bin. Accepted forms of proof are: Child Benefit, Tax Credits, Bank Statements, Driving Licence and Utility Bills. Once the proofs have been provided and the bin has been paid for and ordered, side waste will be taken until the bin is delivered.

To request additional waste capacity this must be done by contacting 01246 242424 or visiting a contact centre; this service is not available on Self Service.

Multiple occupancy premises such as residential homes, communal properties and flats etc, have different arrangements and are not covered by this service.


 01246 242424
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