Council properties being built in Whaley Thorns

Council set to share in £2.6billion fund

We are set to receive a share of a £2.6billion pot of money to help deliver local projects.

The Shared Prosperity Fund will be allocated to all district and unitary authorities across England. But the total amount we will receive will be decided through a funding formula, rather than a bidding competition.

It could mean projects like:

  • promoting the district and working with partners to increase tourism;
  • enhancing biodiversity and developing attractive neighbourhoods;
  • and providing good quality council housing where people choose to live

will receive extra funding and allow us to develop our own ambitions as highlighted through our Vision Bolsover document.

Cabinet Member for Economic Growth, Councillor Liz Smyth said, “It is brilliant news that it’s not a competition and we do not have to bid for the money, so all we have to do is make a plan about how we are going to spend it and get the best outcomes. We are a growth-centred council so all the plans we will be making will be focused on growth, creation of jobs and skills – all the sort of things that bring good things to our District.”

“We have just had our skills audit done so we are in a very good position and know exactly what we need here in Bolsover District.”

There are three Investment Priorities the UKSPF is aimed at addressing which are Communities and Place; Local Businesses; and People and Skills.

Council Leader, Steve Fritchley said, “We have been focusing on the three priorities mentioned in the fund for a number of years now, so we feel we are well ahead of the game and prepared to turn our ambitions into reality.

“This type of funding is welcome, but how much work we can do, will depend upon how much money we receive. What it will do though is compliment what we are already doing in terms of building houses, creating jobs and making Bolsover District a vibrant place that offers cultural experiences for all to enjoy.”

The fund is due to be launched in the spring and we have agreed to work with partners to write an Investment Plan which will detail the projects the money would be used for.


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