New electric charging points in Bolsover car park

Four new electric vehicle charging points have been installed in Bolsover and are now ready to be used.

The points are located at Middle Street car park in the town thanks to funding secured by us and the Energy Saving Trust.

The £27,830 fund was provided by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and we are now looking for further funding to expand and install more electric charging points across the District.

The scheme is part of the programme to try to help Bolsover District become more environmentally friendly, and comes after an electric vehicle charging point was provided in a public car park in Clowne.

Cabinet Member for Carbon Reduction Efficiencies, Councillor Nick Clarke said, “We hope that by increasing publicly-accessible electric vehicle charging points, we can encourage wider adoption of electric vehicles in our towns and villages.

“This method of charging will support our environment and help to reduce carbon and nitrogen dioxide impacts from vehicles in our district, providing cleaner air and improving the quality of residents’ lives.

“As the Government’s programme to phase out the sale of new combustion engine vehicles by 2030 continues, we, as an environmentally responsible authority need to ensure that the infrastructure to support electric vehicles is in place and has as wide a coverage as possible throughout the District.”

We are continuing to play an important role in the expansion and development of the EV charging network within Bolsover District over the coming years and our officers are working on a number of options and plans to increase them further.

BP Pulse completed the installation and the charge points are compatible with Pulse’s App (Polar Instant) which can be downloaded for free directly from Apple and Google websites and allows top-up on an ad-hoc basis.

This pay as you go service gives users the ability to access the Polar network without subscription or membership requirements. Once downloaded, the user would top up the app with credit which would then allow them to start and stop a charge via the app. Payment is taken from the driver’s credit or debit card which they register on the App.


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