£270k cash boost to help our tree growing ambitions

We have received a £270,000 cash boost to create a series of community woods and help tackle climate change.

The cash, which has been received from Woodland Trust and is one of only 12 grants across the country, will be used to create a community woodland on the former Creswell colliery site that people can enjoy, a tree lined avenue in Bolsover as well as several other tree planting projects in the District.

After a mining legacy left areas of the village in need of physical and environmental restoration, it is planned that 27,500 trees will be planted on land south of Creswell on former colliery land that can provide a flagship environmental resource for the village with a community woodland at its heart.

The 25-hectare piece of land has been provided by Welbeck Estates and work on designing the woodland and planting the native species of trees in Creswell is planned to start in this year’s autumn tree planting season. The local community will be invited to take part and contribute to the project.

The grant was awarded after we made a plea to local communities to come forward with ideas and suggestions for community woodlands in late 2020 and is the start of the creation of a number of meaningful tree planting projects. With the additional resources provided by the Woodland Trust we will now be able to follow up the many suggestions made by local communities and look to bring projects from across the District to fruition.

Cabinet Member for Carbon Reduction Efficiencies, Councillor Nick Clarke said, “We are delighted with the grant funding we have received and together with our communities we can make wonderful things happen.

“Trees are one of the most powerful weapons we have in our fight against climate change but growing trees - the right trees - must be done in a sustainable way and be seen as a long term investment, that’s why we are working with the Woodland Trust to get the full benefits from the scheme.

This funding is the first phase in our ambition to grow one million trees as part of its efforts to address climate change. The ambition also extends to increasing the resilience of existing woodlands and creating, repairing and connecting woodland and other important habitats in the District to establish a more managed approach to woodlands and habitats.

Councillor Clarke added, “We see this as just the start in Bolsover District as we have other ideas we want to bring to fruition so we can create legacies and places of tranquillity that future generations can enjoy, all whilst protecting the planet.

“We have been in discussions with Bolsover Woodlands Enterprise for them to manage the community woodlands and existing trees and woodlands owned by us. And we are also talking with a house building company to set up a carbon offsetting scheme for developers to contribute to.

“We want the whole District to benefit from our tree growing scheme and over the forthcoming months and years we hope to have at least one project in every parish across Bolsover District.”


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