Help to keep Bolsover District Safe!!

Starting in March, we have used our comprehensive media outlets to keep residents informed about what help is available to safeguard individuals and businesses. Regular web bulletins, videos on Bolsover TV, documentaries and articles in our InTouch newspaper has ensured extensive coverage.

We need to ensure that this continues. Our positive infection rate has increased over the past four weeks and we need to stay vigilant. This second wave and increased testing shows that despite having the next lowest total recorded positive tests at 2,090 compared to the Derbyshire average of 2,721 and the lowest number of deaths – we cannot afford to be complacent.

The Government Guidance and Regulations have changed over the period since the first lockdown in March and different tiers of restrictions have been introduced. We are working closely with Public Health and Derbyshire County Council to ensure measures are in place to reduce the infection rate, and continue to implement and enforce Government Covid restrictions.

With your help we are following national guidelines and advice, so we can make sure the spread of Covid-19 is controlled and the impact of the virus is minimised until a vaccine has been approved and rolled out across the country.

Our Environmental Health teams are helping Public Health to reduce the spread of infection. This includes providing information, advice, support and guidance where it is needed and, as a last resort, enforcing the law where it is appropriate, proportionate and required. Additional staff have been recruited to ensure that we are adequately resourced to pick up this work quickly and effectively.

We are aware of residents’ concerns regarding the spread of infection within our schools and were very sad to hear that Tibshelf Community School closed last week. We are encouraging Derbyshire County Council to ensure that pupils have access to IT equipment so that they can continue to participate in learning.

Whether, nationally, schools should be closed is a complex and emotive subject. We will continue to lobby Government to ensure the safety of our children and halt the spread of infection in school settings. It is essential that pupils, staff and parents continue to follow the guidance: wash hands, cover face, make space.

We are also immensely aware of the impact of the virus on care homes, their residents, staff and families. Care home residents are some of the most vulnerable in our District and we will, as always, help the County Council in their responsibilities and do everything we can to support them and their families during these very difficult times.

Remember…. Hands, face, space!


Steve Fritchley

Council Leader


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