Bolsover District at Tier 1 for Covid-19

Steve Fritchley, Leader of Bolsover District Council, Mark Fletcher MP and Barry Lewis Leader of Derbyshire County Council met with Public Health England and representatives from Derbyshire County Council on 13 October 2020 to discuss the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

With many areas in the country and also neighbouring Authorities continuing to see infection rates rise, Bolsover District has remained relatively steady though an upward trend is starting to appear and daily monitoring will continue. Both Leaders and the MP agreed to try and remain in tier 1. However, the District is on the cusp of further restrictions so it is time to act now so these can be avoided.

The politicians praised everyone within the District for the action and care they have taken to date, but urged them to continue following the guidelines.

Councillor Fritchley said, “We are obviously not over the worst and a second wave is now being seen in various parts of the country. I urge our local communities to continue using their common sense, follow the national guidelines and take the necessary precautions that will allow us to stay in Tier one, without further measures.

“We have implemented the new legislation and provided advice and guidance where necessary. Businesses have spent a fortune becoming Covid secure and the public have played their part by adhering to the guidelines, so everyone has put in a lot of time, money and effort into getting us to where we are today. Let’s not waste that and go back into lockdown, we need to keep our economy going and people in jobs.

“Looking at the figures, trends and infection rates it is a balancing act to make sure we keep our local communities safe and our economy operating. So, it is in our hands and we need the help and assistance of the public to ensure Bolsover District is kept safe.”


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