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The Gods Are All Here
Saturday 25 November 2023, 07:00pm

When you were a child did you ever consider your parents to be Gods and when was the moment you realised maybe they were not? This wonderful emotional show by Adverse Camber takes you right to the heart of that question.

Sparked by the discovery of a series of letters from his father in Nigeria to his mother in Wales, The Gods Are All Here is a moving, funny and warm-hearted one-man performance from first class storyteller, Phil Okwedy.

Expect captivating storytelling which beautifully weaves myth, song, folktales and legends of Africa with an astonishing personal story that uncovers Phil's experiences of growing up as a child of dual heritage in 1960 and 70s Wales.

Exploring equality, freedom, racism, family and growing up without your birth parents in an enthralling performance, The Gods Are All Here is both timeless and very much a story of now!

A beautiful show that tells a story both unique and universal. 

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Location Doe Lea Resource Centre