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Flute and Ocarina making workshop
Saturday 24 June 2023, 10:30am - 01:30pm

Ocarinas belong to a family of musical instruments whose making and playing stretches back across the millennia. The origins of the flute go back further into our ancient past, the earliest examples of bone flutes found in Europe date back to the Palaeolithic.  In this workshop you will make 2 musical instruments, one will be an ocarina and the other a flute.

Your ocarina and flute will be made from clay and during the workshop you will decorate your instruments using a decoration technique called scrafitto (that is scratching a pattern onto a clay surface) & burnishing (polishing). The workshop is lead by Shaun Clark and he will also show you how to tune your instrument as well as demonstrating how they are played.

Shaun Clark is a Nottinghamshire based potter and artist. He originally trained as an industrial mould maker before studying studio ceramics.  Alongside his ceramics practice he has worked extensively in education and the museums sector for over twenty-five years.
His work is a combination of industrial techniques and hand-building. His pots are often highly decorated, and his designs are inspired by his love of folklore, archaeology, mythology, art, and craft. He says, “I like my pieces to have a backstory or a hidden meaning to their existence and purpose”.

The finished 2 items (your ocarina and flute) will be taken away to be fired. The Crags Events Officer will notify you when your instruments can be collected from the Visitor Centre. 

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