Food Business Guidance and Advice

The Food Standards Agency’s website contains comprehensive information on how to make food safely and run your business hygienically. Guidance includes cleaning methods, temperature control requirements, pest management and allergens guidance, along with a large amount of other really critical information. Before you start a business visit those pages, and check them out for updates as required.

The Council will inspect a food business after it has started operating and on a periodic basis afterwards. This can range between every once every 6 months to every once every 3 years, depending on the level of risk and they type of business you are. However, it is the business which is responsible for ensuring they have appropriate and competent advice to help them start up and manage food safety.

If you have reviewed the topics on the FSAs pages and need specific advice about an issue, feel free to contact us through our Self Service portal, and we will be happy to respond. Our normal response times to business support enquiries is 10 working days.


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