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Bolsover District awarded £173k from Safer Streets Fund

We are set to see £173,000 being spent on protecting the vulnerable in our society and providing activities for young people to enjoy across Bolsover District.

A joint funding bid was put in by Bolsover District, Chesterfield Borough and North East Derbyshire Council’s and has secured £420,000 in total from the Safer Streets Fund to be spent over the next two years.

Cabinet Member responsible for Community Safety and chair of Bolsover Community Safety Partnership, Councillor Mary Dooley said, “This is a significant investment in our efforts to provide more security and reassurance to our communities, and provide young people with something to do and get involved in.”

The Bolsover Community Safety Partnership will use the funding as follows:

  • £60k will be used to purchase a new overt CCTV van that will patrol the District and be used as a deterrent against anti-social behaviour, promote cohesive communities, reassure local communities and allow for information and intelligence to be shared across the area.
  • £100,000 will be used towards a potential skate park in Bolsover. Facilities such as skate parks have proven to reduce incidents of ASB and provide young people with an activity they want and enjoy.
  • £8,300 will provide extra Extreme Wheels sessions. Research has shown that young people need to have activities like this developed around their lifestyles and are an exciting alternative to the more traditional sporting activities. The sessions will start in November 2022.
  • The Saltmine Theatre Company will use £4,650 to put on a play called ‘Switch Up’ an anti-knife crime/ASB production and workshop to all secondary schools across Bolsover District in October 2022.

Councillor Dooley added, “The new CCTV van will give us much more flexibility to target known problem areas as well as respond to urgent issues providing us with vital intelligence. And together with the targeted leisure and educational activities that young people actually want, it will help us develop better relationships with them so we can understand their needs.

“This is a significant amount of money and I’d like to thank all those involved in the bid and for being successful as it will assist us in our ambitions to make Bolsover District one of the safest places to live, play and visit in the country.”



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