Staying Active Awards launched

The Staying Active Awards is a celebration of community spirit, individual achievement and determination from groups affected by the pandemic.

As the pandemic took hold and the lockdown began clubs from grassroots to elite level had to stop, think, adapt and come up with ways to stay within the new lockdown rules and keep their members together whilst apart.

In the face adversity, our district’s groups, individuals and schools came through with innovative new ways to stay together and keep active.

We want to hear your story, we want to celebrate the last two years by telling the district how you, your club or school adapted to the new normal and what creative ideas you came up with to help your members through the lockdowns and out the other side. If you know of individuals, groups or clubs that have a story to celebrate we want to hear it.                                                                                               

This year’s celebrations are a move away from the previous awards whereby individuals, teams, schools and community projects where recognised for their success within that calendar year and instead will honour any person, group, school or organisation which has helped Bolsover District stay active between 2020 and 2022.

The recipients of these awards will not necessarily be sports people. Is there someone you know who took their daily exercise quota and used it to lose weight and get fit? Can you think of a sports club, school, family or individual that put training sessions online to keep members active? Is there someone out there who gave up their time to help keep a sports team alive?

We want to know these stories, and say thank you with the Staying Active Awards.

Cabinet member for Leisure, Councillor David Downes said: “We wanted to change the way we did things this year, the time spent in and out of lockdown had a massive impact on people’s activity levels and I know there are people out there who have gone above and beyond to keep people active.

“The impact on mental health has been huge and keeping individuals groups active online has been beneficial in keeping people going. We want to reward anyone out there who made a positive difference to the district during the last two years and say thank you for keeping the district active.”

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