outside of the Valley View accommodation in Hillstown

Elderly tenants to get £2.5million upgrade at Valley View

We are ploughing £2.5million into the care and well-being of our elderly residents by upgrading the Valley View Independent Living accommodation in Hillstown.

The Safe and Warm scheme will upgrade and improve the facilities at the complex including changing the bedsits to one-bed flats complete with wet rooms, to make it easier for residents to bathe.

The communal heating will be replaced with individual systems that will provide the tenants with independent control of their heating and improve the efficiency of their heating and hot water systems. A new multi-sensor alarm systems will be installed to improve fire safety systems.

A new residents’ lounge will be constructed with large windows overlooking the scenic Valley View and a guest room will be upgraded to a self-contained flat for visiting families.

To the rear of the complex two new bungalows will also be built expanding the type of accommodation available for residents and adding to the Council’s housing stock.

It will improve and modernise the facilities at the complex, something which 97-year old resident Vivienne can’t wait for.

“I’m very excited. They are knocking a wall out and it’s going to be one of the modern sitting and dining areas that will give me more space. I have lived here for four-years and the accommodation is splendid and everything I need,” said Vivienne.

Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Sandra Peake said, “This is a significant investment in our tenants’ well-being and re-affirms our priority in looking after our elderly and vulnerable residents. It’s important that our tenants have somewhere to live that is comfortable and warm and is going to bring the heating costs down which is going to be a big bonus, with the electricity and gas bills rising - so why shouldn’t our independent living schemes be something to be proud of.”

Over the past few years we have ploughed £4.5 million pounds into refurbishing Ashbourne Court in Shirebrook and Parkfields in Clowne and with the promise of more to come for Jubilee Court in Pinxton, it re-iterates our commitment to looking after our elderly residents and providing good quality accommodation at our independent living complexes.

Asked how important it was the Council were there to look after her, Vivienne said, “Absolutely. Very important. I am very grateful for knowing they are always there and if I had a problem, I could go to the Warden and it would get it sorted for me.”

Councillor Sandra Peake added, “We take our responsibilities for looking after the elderly and vulnerable very seriously, so it’s important for the residents to know that we are here for them, we are looking after them and we are doing all we can to provide them with good quality, modern and efficient homes.”


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