Asbestos dumped on country lanes

We are appealing for witnesses after three incidents of asbestos roofing tiles and other building materials were found dumped in country lanes.

The incidences have all happened within a few weeks of each other, leading us to believe it is the same person who may be undertaking a demolition/renovation of a large building.

The first two instances were at Bondhay Lane and Walls Lane at Whitwell Common within a week of each other. The third has seen similar materials dumped at Mill Lane in Stanfree.

As the materials contain asbestos the authority has had to instruct a specialist team to remove it, at a cost of over £5,000.

Asbestos on Bondhay Lane Whitwell Common  Asbestos on Mill Lane Stanfree  Asbestos on Walls Lane Whitwell Common 

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Deborah Watson said, “This is a serious matter, and has implications for the environment and public safety. It will cost us over £5,000 to have it removed safely, money which could be spent on services or improvements to the local environment. We are determined to investigate and prosecute those individuals who feel it’s acceptable to blight our District.

“We are looking into the possibility that these three instances could be linked due to the nature of the materials found. I would urge anyone who may have seen or heard anything around these areas to contact us immediately so we can try and catch those responsible.

“I would also remind people to ensure that they only use licensed waste carriers to remove any rubbish to ensure that it is disposed of properly and legally, because if not they may also face penalty notices or prosecution if their rubbish is found fly tipped.”

If you have any information about these incidents please contact us on 01246 242424 and ask for the Street Scene department.

You can check for licensed waste carriers on the Environment Agency website.


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