‘Vision Bolsover’ an invite to invest in the District

We have launched a new prospectus that sets out our ambitions to help secure partnership and investment across Bolsover District.

The prospectus – called ‘Vision Bolsover - a 21st Century Local Authority’ – is being led by Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley who wants the government, partners, businesses and investors to get involved and help bring about long term growth for the area.

The document clearly and simply sets out the ambitions for Bolsover District and what it would take to achieve them. It focuses on key projects such as improving the infrastructure with new and extended rail passenger services for Shirebrook and Pinxton, developing post 16 education and the construction of a regional technology centre and building new housing and leisure/community facilities.

The prospectus aims to address inequality and ‘level up’ parts of the District through a programme of infrastructure development, investing in education, skills and physical building and regeneration.

Council Leader, Steve Fritchley said, “Vision Bolsover brings together many ideas from people who have an interest in the long term development and growth of the area. It showcases the potential our district has to offer and with a bit of foresight and courage we can make this become reality.

“In identifying and developing these key projects it will help improve the quality of our landscape, public spaces, housing and infrastructure for years to come.”

To further the District’s Economic Development, the prospectus looks to build on the success of The Tangent Business Hub in Shirebrook and develop a growth corridor from the M1 to Shirebrook. It also highlights the need regenerate Pleasley Vale into a major business/visitor/leisure destination and develop existing commercial properties.

There is also a strong focus on the rich heritage of the District with an intention of making best use of our heritage assets in places such as Bolsover, Creswell and Hardwick and linking these through green travel opportunities.

Councillor Fritchley added, “We have already made a start and are investing in new housing, leisure facilities and business hubs and by working with our partners, stakeholders and residents we believe we can develop all these projects over the next few years.

“We have some very skilled and enthusiastic staff who have a willingness to project Bolsover District Council into the future and be successful in whatever we do.

“I am really proud of how Bolsover District can adapt to situations, how innovative we are in our thinking and actions and how we just ‘get on with the job’. However, I am realistic and realise that we cannot do this alone and I believe that with the right investment, knowledge and expertise working alongside us we can, and will build a brighter future for Bolsover District.”

You can view Vision Bolsover along with the various Vision Bolsover ambition projects that make up the document.


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