Nuisance motorcyclist identified after just 12-minutes

Elderly residents in Bassett House in Shirebrook can rest a little easier after we responded to and dealt with a nuisance motorcyclist.

It took just 12-minutes for our CAN Rangers to be called and assist the Police in identifying the motorcyclist who was ‘tearing up’ Park Road Recreation Ground and taunting residents of Bassett House.

After receiving complaints about the motorcyclist which had apparently been going on for a few days, we worked with Shirebrook Town Council to quickly track down the individual.

Using the intelligence gained by us, the Police who had been on the trail of the perpetrator, located and warned them about their future conduct, so no further issues should re-occur.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Councillor Clive Moesby said, “This is a great example of partnership working. For our Rangers to receive the call, identify where the culprit lived and pass it onto the Police in such a short space of time shows what a great job they do.

“Riding around our parks and recreation grounds is not only a nuisance but it is a danger to the public and the rider, so this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.

“We work very closely with the Police and our partners on issues like this and people need to understand that their actions have consequences and they need to take responsibility for them, or they will face the penalties.”

The CAN Rangers have also followed up the incident, carrying out reassurance patrols, particularly around Bassett House which has a number of elderly and vulnerable residents.

The CAN Rangers are the eyes and ears of the Council looking to improve the quality of life within Bolsover District and will try to resolve anti-social behavioural issues in the initial stages. For help and advice from the CAN Rangers please telephone 01246 242424.


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