Young Voice

The Bolsover District Youth Council known as “The Young Voice” meets formally four times a year. All secondary schools in the District (Tibshelf, Shirebrook, Bolsover, Frederick Gent, Heritage High and Stubbin Wood) elect or nominate six young people each to represent them as their Youth Councillors.

Young Voice was started as a pilot project and has gone from strength to strength and we award the Youth Council a budget to spend on projects it identifies each year.

The aims of the Youth Council are to:

  • Consult with young people to improve to service delivery
  • Engage young people in local democratic processes
  • Help schools with the teaching of citizenship
  • Develop a positive image of young people across the district

 Additionally the Youth Council:

  • Administer a Positive Activity Reward Scheme to promote positive activities to reward improved behaviour or exceptional deeds.
  • Work together to agree priorities, and deliver projects that support good causes and raise awareness of young people’s issues
  • Represent their school and young people in their wider community

The Project Piggy Bank Grant Scheme has been relaunched!  To find out more or to apply please click here.

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Young Voice

  • Tel: 01246 242300
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