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This means that some people who applied to register after the registration deadline of 26 November have received poll cards in error but will not be entitled to vote on Thursday.

We have, and still are in the process of trying to contact these voters by email and telephone to inform them of the issue. If you are in doubt or unsure whether you can vote in the election on Thursday 12 December 2019 please contact our Elections Team on 01246 242422 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


On 2nd December 2019, Horace Piggott of Killamarsh, was given a two year prison sentence at Sheffield Crown Court after pleading guilty to multiple waste offences and fraud.

The Council’s joint Environmental Enforcement Team carried out investigations alongside Rotherham Borough Council and brought a successful joint prosecution, as the fly tipping occurred over multiple authority boundaries. Fly Tipping

During the council’s investigations, it became evident the scale of the operation was huge. The offences occurred over multiple counties, for a number of years. Piggott distributed leaflets in the Sheffield and Rotherham areas advertising a waste collection service under a false name and address. The waste was then subsequently collected and dumped at multiple sites across Sheffield, Rotherham and Bolsover. Homeowners who initially believed they were dealing with a legitimate business, which was properly authorised to deal with waste, were in reality, being subject to a fraudulent, illegal waste operation.

Council officers retrieved evidence from the waste, obtained CCTV footage and interviewed witnesses proving that Piggott was responsible.

In addition to the prison sentence, Piggott received a ten year criminal behaviour order making it a further offence for him to be involved in any waste activities, and further vehicles were seized from him linked to recent fly tipping. Rotherham Borough council had previously seized fifteen vehicles from Piggott suspected of being involved in organised fly tipping.

Judge Thomas QC commented that Horace Piggott had shown a persistent disregard for the regulatory regime by continuing to fly-tip, despite already having a suspended sentence and being aware he was under investigation.

Horace Piggott’s son, Deano Piggott, was given a 12 month community order with up to 15 days rehabilitation activity and 120 hours unpaid work, also for fly-tipping offences.

Joanna Galvin was also sentenced to eight months imprisonment, which was suspended for 12 months with up to 15 days rehabilitation activity and 80 hours unpaid work for money laundering directly linked to the waste offences.


The Council's Cabinet Member for Street Scene and environmental Health, Councillor Deborah Watson said, ““This was not a single occurrence, but rather an organised operation of fly tipping which continued over a number of years, and so we are extremely pleased with the sentence the culprit has received.

“We hope that this serves as a warning to anyone not abiding by the law, that this authority will indeed use the full force of the law against these individuals and put an end to such criminal activity.”


Councillor Martin Thacker, Leader of the Council said, “Fly-tipping is an offence which affects areas all over the country. NEDDC takes this very seriously, as it is a blight on the countryside, a dangerous hazard and costs tax payers money. We will not tolerate such acts. The Council is delighted by the outcome of this case.

“There is no excuse to fly-tip. Our collaborative working with other authorities and agencies will serve as a stark message to those criminals that we will take robust enforcement action to ensure they are brought to justice.”

Rotherham Council’s Assistant Director of Community Safety and Street Scene, Tom Smith, said: “This is a great result for all the staff that have been working hard on this case. The joint operation is one of the largest of its kind. Legitimate waste removal companies will have waste carriers licenses and a real business address. They will always offer receipts for the waste and be able to explain where it will be disposed. Where residents go for the cheap unofficial option to dispose of waste; they could also be committing an offence and can be prosecuted.”

Residents can ensure their waste is disposed of correctly by asking the following questions of waste providers:

Ask to see their waste carrier licence registration (provided by the Environment Agency). If they do not have waste carriers licence then do not allow them to take the waste.

Ask for a waste transfer note / receipt or invoice with all relevant details as outlined the waste duty of care code of practice.


Bolsover District Council has formally adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of anti-Semitism. The definition is an important tool for public bodies to understand how anti-Semitism manifests itself in the 21st century, as it gives examples of the kind of behaviours which can constitute anti-Semitism.

The definition states:

“Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed towards Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/ or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance has provided a number of examples of anti-Semitism in public life include, but are not limited to:

  • calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion
  • making mendacious, dehumanising, demonising, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective - such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions
  • accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews
  • denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (for example gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War 2 (the Holocaust)
  • accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust
  • accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations
  • denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, for example by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour
  • applying double standards by requiring of it a behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation
  • using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (for example claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis
  • drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis
  • holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel

The definition was adopted on 13th November 2019 by BDC at its full council.


Generous council staff have donated dozens of gifts to distribute to victims of domestic abuse this Christmas.

Staff from Bolsover District Council, North East Derbyshire District Council and Rykneld Homes work with other agencies to support families and individuals whose homes and lives have been blighted by this form of emotional and physical abuse and Christmas time can be an especially challenging time for many. 

By donating these gifts, staff hope to send a message of hope to those individuals and families: that their suffering is noticed, that people in the communities around them do care and most of all that there are agencies who can help them to overcome the difficulties they are facing.


Whitwell Cricket Club also played its part by co-ordinating the collection of gifts from the Whitwell community. Pictured (from left): Council Solicitor Deborah Cartwright, Cllr Steve Fritchley, Leader of Bolsover District Council with Cllr Mary Dooley, Cabinet Member for Customer Services at Bolsover District Council with the collection of gifts.

Bolsover District Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley, said: “We are judged by our ability to care for the vulnerable in society and I am delighted that our staff and Whitwell Cricket Club have supported this campaign and provided so many gifts for those in need.”

Cllr Martin Thacker MBE, Leader of North East Derbyshire District Council, said: “For most of us, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, filled with joy and celebration. But we know that for many others, this will simply not be the case. I’m therefore delighted we are able to donate these Christmas gifts to help bring a little festive cheer and let people know they are not alone.”

Research suggests that as many as one in four women* and one in six men** experience domestic abuse at some point in their life and yet many victims or survivors do not even feel able to share their predicament with the colleagues, friends or family around them.

Sometimes this is because of fear of reprisals if they disclose or even simply a sense of shame or self-blame.

Some have to flee their homes, leaving behind precious or essential personal belongings.

Many feel isolated or vulnerable and without basic support.

• If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic abuse and you need advice or help, Derbyshire County Council’s emergency telephone number is 0800 198 668.


N.B. Statistics from Refuge* and Living Without Abuse** charities.


Support for residents and businesses affected by flooding

Advice from Derbyshire county council - https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/environment/flooding/flooding.aspx
Emergency advice from Derbyshire prepared https://www.derbyshireprepared.org.uk/


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