Tenant Participation is all about you! It’s about you and what you think! It's a two way process involving sharing of information and ideas, where council tenants are able to influence our policies and decisions and take part in consultation about the housing service.

We recognise that our services can be improved by talking to the people that use them and as tenants are customers of our housing service, we feel they are the best people to inform us of how the service affects them, what they like and dislike and how things could be changed or improved. By working together, both tenant and landlord can come up with ideas, which make a better quality service.

Our tenants have been working closely with us for a number of years and have already had a lot of successes, including:

  • Working with councillors and staff to review the future of Council Housing
  • Taking part in a review of the Tenant Compact
  • Being involved in Challenge days to review the Repairs Service
  • Setting standards for empty properties
  • Producing a newsletter for Tenants called Homing In
  • Working with housing staff to produce the Repairs Handbook

If you would like to get involved then please contact us so we can talk you through the various alternatives that are available to you.

The North Derbyshire Homelessness Strategy is a joint strategy between Bolsover District Council, North East Derbyshire District Council and Chesterfield Borough Councill and was developed with the intention of preventing and addressing homelessness across North Derbyshire.

From the Strategy the North Derbyshire Homelessness Forum, a body made up of many statutory and voluntary agencies will be set up to work together to prevent and tackle homelessness.

Over the coming five years of this strategy we will continue to put our energy and resources into preventing homelessness.  This commitment has local people at its heart and we will work closely with our partners to continue improving the standard of accommodation and to achieving a truly Gold Standard Homelessness Service.

Please see our Homelessness Strategy here and Homelessness Strategy EIA


A new council house development launch in Creswell has marked the start of a four-year housing partnership in Bolsover District.

We entered into the house building partnership with Robert Woodhead Ltd. earlier this year. Titled B@Home, the Partnership, which was procured through the Efficiency East Midlands (EEM), New Build Developer Framework will deliver over 100 high quality, energy efficient homes, over the four year period.

The launch saw the first sod being cut at Rogers Avenue, Creswell to signify the start of the project, which will not only create council houses, but will see many other benefits such as 200 training events and more than 50 work experience and apprentice opportunities for local people and businesses.

The first phase of the development, starting at Rogers Avenue will see 7 dwellings built.

Other developments including 25 dwellings will be spread over four other sites:

• Fir Close, Shirebrook 
• Derwent Drive, Tibshelf 
• Blackwell Hotel, Blackwell 
• Recreation Close, Clowne

Community-Led Regeneration

We are looking to shape the future of our District and commissioned a community-led district wide regeneration.

Led by consultants Bauman Lyons Architects, the work primarily focused on the four towns, but also included the wider settlements and areas of interest such as Creswell Crags. It will help identify the strengths and build upon them, but also look at areas that need improving.

We have now produced four frameworks for our main towns which include surrounding villages and hamlets.

Please see the Regeneration Pages for further details.

 Every Local Housing Authority was required under The Localism Act 2011 to have a tenancy strategy in place by January 2013.

Through the adoption of the Localism Act the Government introduced a range of new tenure options, including fixed term flexible tenancies and also a new power enabling local authorities to discharge their statutory homelessness duty into the private rented sector.

Tenancy Strategies are designed to provide a framework and guidance on policies relating to tenure options, succession, allocations and how registered providers should use the changes when granting tenancies in local authority areas. Registered providers of affordable homes are required to have due regard to the tenancy strategies of the local authority areas in which they operate.

The Council’s Tenancy Strategy is attached

 We have carried out a series of Housing Needs Surveys in partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council, Bassetlaw District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council.

This research was undertaken to build on the current information held by the Authorities and to identify specific housing needs and aspirations of people within these particular groups.  The information collected is used to develop appropriate housing strategies and ensure that the needs of people with chaotic lifestyles are accounted for during strategic planning.

Click on the links below to see the Housing Needs surveys.

Housing Needs Study of Older People

Housing Needs Study for the Black and Minority Ethnic

Housing Needs Study of Young People

Housing Needs Study of those with Chaotic Lifestyles - Complex Needs

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