We are responsible for arranging the funeral of a person who has died within the borders of the Bolsover District if no suitable arrangements have been or are being made for the funeral. This is called a public health funeral.

Before we can arrange for the burial or cremation, the death must be registered.

Unfortunately, we do not have any grants available to assist with funeral costs, nor can we help with a funeral that has already taken place.

If you are on a low income and claim certain benefits then you may be entitled to financial help with the costs associated with the funeral. Gov.uk may be able to offer financial help towards the cost of the funeral.

A birth must be registered in the district in which the birth occurs. If a birth occurred in another district, a declaration can be at any register office and forwarded on.

The registration must be completed within 42 days of the birth date. To make an appointment to register a birth please contact the relevant register office.

Derbyshire County Council’s Registration Pages contain information about how to register a birth.

Find your Local Register Office.

If you are looking for a wedding venue or registry office see Derbyshire County Council’s marriage webpages here.

If you're planning on getting married you will need to:

  • Complete a change in circumstances / name change form here.
  • Let HM Revenues & Customs know if you receive child benefit.
  • Electoral Register - name change on the register
  • Change of Address - if you're moving home, you need to let us know, and tell DVLA to upodate your licence.
  • You will also need to update your passport.

A death can now be registered online, for more information see Derbyshire County Councils pages here.
A death must be registered with the relevant register office.

We manage the cemeteries in the district, for more information see our Cemeteries information.

The 'Tell Us Once' service should let us know about changes to your council tax, benefits and the electoral register.
The Gov.uk website has a useful checklist of things you may need to do - What to do after someone dies.

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