Supplier invoices will be processed centrally, whether an electronic image or a paper invoice through our scanning software. Where an invoice matches the purchase order quoted, and the products, services or works have been provided, and ‘receipted’ in our system, the invoice will be automatically paid at the next available BACS run.

In order to ensure that we can process invoices quickly and efficiently, we ask that suppliers follow the requirements detailed below. Suppliers can invoice us in two ways. Our preferred method for receiving invoices is by email. If an invoice cannot be submitted electronically it must be sent to our central address only: Bolsover District Council, Finance Team, The Arc, High Street, Clowne, Derbsyhire, S43 4JY.

An invoice template can be downloaded if required.

All invoices submitted must state the Purchase Order Number and agree to the details quoted on the order; failure to do so may result in a delay or non-payment of the invoice. To allow for prompt payment all invoices must adhere to our Terms and Conditions and meet the following:

  • Quote a valid Council Purchase Order (PO) number
  • Meet all requirements as advised by HM Revenue and Customs
  • Be clearly labelled in the name of Bolsover District Council at the address provided below
  • Provide the name and address of the person/organisation submitting the invoice
  • Clearly state whether it is an invoice or credit note submitted
  • Provide Company & VAT registration numbers where available
  • Provide bank details (either on invoice or prior to submitting the invoice) as the Council will only make payment by BACS
  • Cheques will only be issued in exceptional circumstances
  • Provide an email address to which the remittance can be sent
  • Provide contact details in case of invoice query.
  • Provide clear details of the goods, services or works provided
  • Have a valid invoice date (tax point date)
  • Ensure all amounts are accurate and reconcile to the invoice total
  • Have the correct VAT calculations (handwritten invoices in particular)
  • Be clear, concise and readable
  • Have the relevant supporting information attached if applicable

If the invoice contains errors, then the person or team who have raised the order will contact you to resolve any discrepancies; this may result in a request for a new invoice to be submitted. Where we are aware that invoices are invalid, incorrect or cannot be matched with a purchase order then we will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible.


We deal with a huge budget each year. We handle the income we receive from grants, Council Tax, fees and charges and carefully manage the money we spend on delivering services and paying precepts to the parish councils, county council and Police/Fire authorities.   

The Statement of Accounts is an annual publication that sets out exactly what we spent. This publication is designed to fit in with the latest regulations and guidance on the production of accounts for local authorities. The Annual Governance Statement is summarised in the Statement of Accounts each year. This is presented to the Audit Committee each June.

The Summary of Accounts provides brief summaries of the accounting statements included in the Statement of Accounts and in addition a review of our performance.

The Annual Governance Statement is summarised in the Statement of accounts each year. This is presented to the Audit Committee each June

These annual reports summarise the findings from the Audt Commissions audits. It includes messages arising from the audit of our financial statements and the results of the work they have undertaken to assess our arrangements to secure value for money in our use of resources.

Financial Plans

We are committed to good financial management and the ongoing review and improvement of our financial processes and services. We have also introduced a Money Laundering policy (54kb) that applies to all our employees and aims to maintain high standards of conduct, by reducing the risk of criminal activity through money laundering.

As part of the requirements of the CIPFA Treasury Management Code of Practice we are required to produce a Treasury Management Strategy every year which requires approval by full Council prior to the commencement of each financial year.


Treasury Management Strategy

1. Treasury Management Strategy Covering Report 2021 2. Treasury Management Strategy 2021
3 TMS Appendix A 4 TMS Appendix B
5 Capital Strategy 2021 6 Capital Strategy Appendix A
7 MRP Appendix B7 MRP Appendix B 8 Corporate Investment Strategy 20218 Corporate Investment Strategy 2021


Treasury Management Strategy 2018/19 

Treasury Strategy Reports 2019 - 22/23 Covering Report Treasury Management Strategy 2019 - 22/23 Appendix 1 Treasury Management Strategy 2019 - 22/23 Appendix A Treasury Management Strategy 2019 - 22/23 Appendix B
Capital Strategy 2019 - 22/'23 Appendix 2 Capital Strategy 2019 - 22/23 Appendix A Capital Strategy 2019 - 22/23 Appendix B Corporate Investment Strategy 2019 - 22/23 Appendix 3

Council Tax contacts

  • Tel: 01246 242440
  • Email: 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Alt. tel: 01246 242424

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