We are commited to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and here you will find the current Child Safeguarding policy and our new Adult Safeguarding policy that reflects the changes from the Care Act 2014 and replaces the ‘No secrets’ Guidance 2000.

Safeguarding is ‘everybody’s business’ and you will find guidance on preventing, identifying and reporting if you suspect a child or vulnerable adult is at risk or is suffering from neglect or abuse. You can report this to specifically trained Safeguarding Link Officers on 01246 242424 or if it is out of normal office hours call Starting Point on 01629 533190 or 08456 058 058. (24 hours a day 7 days a week).

Further information can be found on the Safer Derbyshire website.


VARMs can apply to anyone with mental capacity aged 18 years and over who is at risk of serious harm or death. This can be through self-neglect or other risk taking behaviour including self-harm or refusal or disengagement of services.

The VARM process is a multi-agency risk assessment meeting where actions are assigned to alleviate the risk.

In accordance with national policy and the Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board VARM framework, in order to consider a person for a VARM meeting all the following criteria should apply:

  • A person must have capacity to make decisions and choices regarding their life

  • There is a risk of serious harm or death by self-neglect, fire, deteriorating health condition, non-engagement with services or where an adult is targeted by local community, is the victim of Hate Crime or Anti-Social Behaviour or the victim of sexual violence and they do not meet the criteria for Safeguarding

  • There is a public safety interest

  • There are high levels of concerns from partner agencies.

If you have identified a person at risk or require any advice telephone: 01246 242424 and ask to speak to a VARM Champion. For further information and guidance see the VARM policy by clicking on the link below.

Vulnerable Adults Risk Management Policy

Further information can be found on the Safer Derbyshire website https://www.saferderbyshire.gov.uk/home.aspx

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