We are responsible for providing and maintaining a whole host of street furniture such as bus shelters, street nameplates, seats and benches throughout the District. These items of furniture add character and give areas distinct features as well as providing essential amenities for the general public.

Bus Shelters

The provision and maintainance of bus shelters across the District is split between ourselves, parish councils and Derbyshire County Council (bus stops that do not have a bus shelter).

We aim to make sure all our bus shelters are safe, clean and in a proper state of repair. Town Centre shelters are cleaned twice weekly and all other shelters are cleaned weekly, i.e. washed, graffiti removed and swept. We have introduced a Bus Shelter policy (132kb) which explains exactly what we are responsible for.

All our bus shelters are designated as Smoke Free Public Areas in accordance with The Health Act 2006. The appropriate no-smoking sign complying with the requirements of Section 6 of the above Chapter are displayed in the bus shelters.

If you want to request a new bus shelter, this must be made to us stating the reasons why a new shelter is required. A new shelter will only be provided if there is a proven demand indicated by the status of the route and its' usage or representations from local residents. It also needs to adhere to the standard specified by Derbyshire County Council's Specification for Pre-fabricated illuminated Bus Shelters (BS 1/05), except in conservation areas where an alternative design may be required.


Roadside seats provide an essential resting places and amenities for the general public. They are routinely inspected for damage, vandalism or repair twice per year, usually in January and July.

We aim to make sure all our seats and benches are safe, clean and in a proper state of repair. If you find a seat or bench damaged or vandalised, then please contact us immeditaley so we can make sure the necessary repairs are carried out.

Any requests for new seats should be sent in writing to Engineers Department, Bolsover District Council, the Arc, High Street, Clowne, Derbyshire, S43 4JY. These requests will be assessed on demand, practicality and financial constraint and we will also need to obtain approval from Derbyshire County Council regarding the siting of any new seat.

Street Naming

A street nameplate helps to identify a particular road or street and is usually located at the entrance of the highway, either on the side of the road or on a nearby wall. We aim to make sure that all our street nameplates are in a good state of repair and clean from graffiti or vandalism. If you do see a missing or damaged street nameplate please contact us immediately.

For more information on street naming and numbering please visit Derbyshire Building Control Partnership website.


Regeneration contacts

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