Please note we are in the process of implementing a revised Allocations Policy in September 2020. Therefore, from 5 August 2020 no further properties will be advertised. We will be writing to all applicants providing further information. If you have already placed bids on properties, Housing Staff will be contacting you in the normal way to progress your application. Should you wish to discuss your housing situation or require further information, please contact the Housing Needs Team on 01246 242424.

However, the process for applying for a Council property, the application form and information remains the same.

Before you are able to be offered a Council property you need to be on our Housing Register. The booklet Housing Application Guide (659kb) gives information on completing the application form (465kb). Please note that any applicant who completes the housing application form and is living in rented accommodation (excluding Bolsover District Council tenants) you will have to have the private and confidential checklist (165kb) completed by your current landlord otherwise your application will not be processed.

If you need further assistance in completing the form, or answering any of the questions, this is available at any of our Contact Centres.

Once your application has been received, points will be awarded, determined by housing need, but priority will be given to persons occupying unsatisfactory or temporary housing, or are vulnerable for other social, economic or medical reasons.

For further details please see our Choice Based Lettings booklet (608kb) leaflet or the full Housing Allocation Policy (1.3MB).

Bolsover Homes

Bolsover Homes is our Choice Based Lettings system

This system allows anyone with an active application on the housing waiting list, to search, select and apply for a new home of their choice across Bolsover District. (within the usual eligibility criteria).
Properties will be advertised on the website and will be displayed at our Contact Centres.
To bid for a property you can:

  • On the internet
  • Through Contact Centre employees.

Mutual Exchanges


Bolsover Lettings has now subscribed to Homeswapper's online mutual exchange service.  Homeswapper is the UK's largest community of social housing tenants looking for a home swap.  It is a quick and easy way of finding both local and national moves with over 500,000 tenants currently registered.  Registering with HomeSwapper is a quicker option than waiting for a move on our Transfer List.

HomeSwapper matches you with other tenants who you may wish to swap homes with.  Swaps are available both locally and nationally.  As a tenant of Bolsover District Council you can use HomeSwapper free of charge.

How to use HomeSwapper

*     Visit HomeSwapper to register or download the FREE app, available on the App store and on Google Play

*     Enter details of your current home and home you want

*     See any possible swaps

After you have registered your application the Housing Department will originally need to approve your application and after that you will be able to use the website to contact anyone you are interested in swapping with. When you register you can sign up to receive a regular email telling you when there are any new swap properties that meet your requirements.

Further details are available on the Bolsover District Council website or by contacting the Housing Department on 01246 242424.


Regeneration contacts

  • Tel: 01246 242424
  • Email: 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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